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The Motorcycle Law Group in West Virginia is known as The Firm That Rides®. What does that mean for our motorcycle accident clients? It means that they can trust in our abilities and talents through and through. We know firsthand what it is like to ride a motorcycle on streets busy with negligent motorists in larger vehicles. As such, we take every case that we manage to heart.

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West Virginia Motorcycle Laws

To begin your motorcycle accident case, it can be helpful to get a better understanding of West Virginia’s motorcycle laws. Why? Many of the laws pertaining to motorcycle safety can directly affect the outcome of an injury claim.

Two important West Virginia motorcycle laws are:

  • Helmet use: West Virginia uses a universal helmet law that requires anyone who is on a motorcycle to wear a helmet while the vehicle is in operation. If you were hit while not wearing a helmet, then the driver can say you should be partially or mostly liable for your damages, especially if your worst or only injury was a head injury. Always wear a helmet while riding and insist that all of your passengers have one on as well.
  • Lane-splitting: The act of riding between two lanes of occupied traffic is called lane-splitting. Although lane-splitting is convenient and might even reduce the risk of getting caught in a motorcycle accident, it is illegal in West Virginia. If your accident happened while you were lane-splitting, then you could be found liable for your damages.

We want to make sure that all of our clients and the people in our communities feel like they will not face any surprises during their motorcycle accident cases. That is why we are careful to maintain up-to-date, annotated versions of state laws and statutes for West Virginia, as well as several other states where we practice. You should feel free to review these laws as needed and also call us at (855) 529-7433 if you have any other questions.

Life-Changing Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists know that they have to always be careful when on the road because they are much more vulnerable to severe injuries than the average motorist. Cars, trucks, and SUVs have metal frames to absorb the brunt of an impact, as well as airbags, seatbelts, vehicle detection warning systems, and many other safety systems. But motorcyclists have a helmet, padded clothing, and their own skills.

It is typical for a motorcycle accident victim to suffer catastrophic injuries. Being thrown off their ride and onto the asphalt or possibly into oncoming traffic can result in a variety of life-changing injuries.

We have helped motorcycle accident survivors who have suffered:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Road rashes
  • Amputations
  • Permanent disfigurements

The Firm That Rides® can also help the families of motorcyclists who passed away in a violent accident. Wrongful death claims require a different and compassionate approach that we are known to deliver. We balance professionalism with authenticity, so you will feel emotionally supported as your claim advances to its conclusion.

Why Should You Call The Motorcycle Law Group?

In West Virginia, there are many law firms that work on motorcycle accident cases. Why should you make The Motorcycle Law Group your first choice for legal representation? When you know just a little bit more about us, we are certain that it will become clear why so many riders in the state choose us.

Four of the main reasons that people work with our firm are:

  • We are The Firm that Rides®, and we understand the challenges that motorcyclists face daily.
  • We are local and offer convenient ways to connect with our law firm.
  • We have decades of experience representing injured motorcyclists throughout the region.
  • We know how to research catastrophic injuries and calculate a fair amount of compensation for our clients.

Best & Worst Places to Ride in West Virginia

The winding pathways and sharp drop-offs along U.S. Highway 33 between Harman and Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County make it one of the most dangerous sections of road in the state. There are regular calls to enhance the safety features on that mountainous stretch, but legislative measures often take a while to form and finalize. Increased reliance on GPS navigation has taken more and more truckers through this shortcut connecting Interstate 79 with Interstate 81, too, even though their larger vehicles should not be there. If you’re taking this scenic route, exercise considerable caution.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has also shown that Clay County had the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities per 100,000 residents in 2014 at 11.18, followed by Ritchie County (9.99), and Hampshire County (8.52). These rates have stayed relatively unchanged throughout the years, too.

But it is important to realize that riding safely is more about how you ride than where you ride. Always do your best to stay safe and to make the road a safe place for every person that you share it with.

Strong Allies for West Virginia’s Riders

It’s not always easy being a rider. You have a much higher risk for injury or death on the roads compared to passenger vehicles and truck drivers. Plus, you have to deal with a lot of unfair generalizations simply by being a motorcyclist. This latter issue commonly comes into play after a motorcycle accident injury when the other driver’s insurance company will use negative biases and motorist ignorance to their advantage during negotiations.

The insurance company negotiators will assume that any jury was caused by you simply because you were riding a motorcycle at the time of your accident. The knee-jerk reaction to blame a rider for their own injuries is completely unfair but frustratingly common. Our West Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys know how to challenge this tactic, though. Our ability to dispel those negative rider stereotypes is one of our defining characteristics at The Motorcycle Law Group.

Call The Firm That Rides®

As a law firm that focuses primarily on motorcycle accident claims, we are uniquely qualified to take any case, negotiate with any insurance company, and convince jurors and judges if need be. We know how to dispel the myth of the “reckless rider” and the assumptions that go along with it. Our legal training and good standing also help reinforce the idea that motorcycle riders are responsible members of the local community who deserve a fair chance to get deserved compensation after a wreck.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your right to ride is protected in West Virginia. Contact us today and let us help you.

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  • Decades of Experience

    Our firm has been representing personal injury clients for over 30 years.

  • We Put Clients First

    We make ourselves available after hours and on weekends for our clients. We'll get back to you the same day, even on holidays.

  • Giving Back to the Community

    Our team is proud to support causes close to the motorcycling community as well as educate lawmakers on causes that impact riders and donate part of attorney fees to motorcycle rights for legislation.

  • We're a Firm That Rides

    As avid motorcycle riders, each attorney with our firm understands the unique situations that motorcyclists face every day on the road.

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  • “After being involved in a very serious accident with multiple injuries. My husband and I called on Matt Danielson for advice. It was the best call we ever made. From that moment on the only thing we had to do was concentrate on healing. Matt and his team t”

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