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Being injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident is always an unwelcomed and unexpected complication in a person’s life. No one is ever prepared for the difficulties these accidents impose.

If you were injured because someone was being negligent on the road, you shouldn’t be expected to pay for their mistake out of your own pocket. At the Motorcycle Law Group in Richmond, we’re committed to helping people who are injured in accidents receive the compensation they deserve from the responsible party.

Negotiating With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an injury accident, the other driver’s insurance company may have already reached out to settle your claim. There are several tactics they may try to convince you to settle fast:

  • Attempt to convince you that you were actually the one at fault
  • Suggest that the evidence is on their driver’s side
  • Explain that you may get less or even nothing if you get a lawyer involved or file a lawsuit

The insurance company wants you to settle as soon as possible, preferably before you know how serious your injuries are or how much they may cost to treat. Time is on the insurance company’s side. They know you need money as soon as possible to cover your medical bills, lost wages and property damage and will use that to their advantage during negotiations.

In many of these cases it’s worth your time to speak with a personal injury attorney – especially if you are a rider who was injured in an accident with a car or truck.

The Insurance Companies Have the Upper Hand

We’d like to believe our society has a fact-based justice system that will always favor the truth, but that truth isn’t always readily apparent. The negotiating abilities of both parties often ends up playing a bigger role in an injured person’s claim payment than what happened during the accident.

The insurance companies want to part with as little of their money as possible. They know motorcycle accident cases are harder for riders to win, because the average judge or jury is going to be predisposed to assume the accident was caused by a motorcycle rider’s negligence.

The insurance company will approach negotiations knowing they have a stronger hand and may try to strongarm you into taking a claim payment that isn’t nearly enough to cover your medical costs or property damage.

Lawyers Who Understand Motorcycle Accidents

Our slogan is The Firm That Rides® because our lawyers are riders themselves. We know how dangerous the roads can be, we understand how careful riders are and have firsthand experience with the often-reckless actions of other motorists on the road.

Our Richmond motorcycle lawyers also understand all the biases riders sometimes face in court because we’ve represented so many other riders facing frequently prejudiced juries.

Our attorneys know how to humanize riders, show the jury people on motorcycles are not inherently reckless and explain evasive maneuvers and accident avoidance techniques. We know how to balance the scales in negotiations with insurance companies and we have extensive experience investigating motorcycle and car crashes to determine what happened and who was really responsible.

Car and Truck Accidents

The skills that help a lawyer excel at representing clients in motorcycle injury cases – the ability to investigate, negotiate and litigate – are transferable to car accident and truck accidents as well.

That transfer is essentially a one-way street. A motorcycle lawyer has all the tools necessary to provide knowledgeable car and truck accident representation, but a lawyer who just does car and truck accidents may not understand the nuances of motorcycle accident cases.

One of the particularly devastating aspects of motorcycle accidents are the severity of the injuries. Motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with traumatic brain injuries and other types of catastrophic injuries that frequently result in long-term or even permanent disability. These types of injuries aren’t unique to motorcycle accidents.

People injured in car wrecks – and especially commercial truck accidents – can suffer these same types of life-altering injuries. The Richmond car and truck accident lawyers at the Motorcycle Law Group are intimately familiar with relevant Virginia car and truck accident law and understand how to build effective cases.

Insurance companies would prefer not to pay for car, truck or motorcycle accident injuries if they can avoid it. That’s especially true when the injuries could result in permanent disability and may leave the injured person needing full-time care or expensive rehabilitation for the remainder of their life.

Our Virginia car accident lawyers are accustomed to tough negotiations with insurance company claims people and lawyers, and they’re ready to enter the ring on your behalf.

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