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Getting into an auto accident is never a good thing, but the situation can be particularly difficult for motorcyclists who are faced with many additional hurdles the average car driver doesn’t have to cope with.

After an accident, it’s vitally important for the people involved to document the scene by taking photos and video. Riders are often in no shape to do so. If a rider goes to the hospital or is put out of commission for days or weeks, they may not get a chance to give their version of events to law enforcement.

There’s also the unavoidable bias some people have against riders. If a rider does have to go to court, they may be forced to face a jury that is predisposed to assume it was the person on the motorcycle who was being negligent, even if that’s not at all what happened.

Insurance companies know all this, and it often gives them an advantage during negotiations. The insurance company also realizes that many injured people are in desperate need of money to pay for medical bills, lost wages and repairs or vehicle replacement.

The deep-pocketed insurance company will use these advantages to aggressively negotiate with the injured person and pressure them to accept a claim payment that’s far less than what they actually need to recover from the motorcycle accident.

There are a lot of good Newport News car crash lawyers out there, but they don’t all have extensive experience with motorcycle accidents and injuries. Those personal injury attorneys may not understand the unique difficulties injured riders face or how to effectively counteract and overcome those challenges.

The attorneys at the Motorcycle Law Group have focused their careers on representing riders who are injured in accidents. As riders themselves, our Newport News motorcycle lawyers understand the biases you may face, and they know how unfair the characterizations of “reckless” can be.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, it may be worth your time to contact a motorcycle lawyer for a free consultation. They can explain any unique difficulties you may face due to being a rider and based on the details of your accident.

You’re under no obligation to hire a motorcycle lawyer, but the conversation is free and you may learn some things about the process you didn’t know before.

Car and Truck Accident Lawyers in Newport News, Virginia

Motorcycle riders involved in accidents may have a higher rate of catastrophic head injuries and fatalities, but those traumatic injuries certainly aren’t unique to motorcyclists. People involved in regular car wrecks between two vehicles or a commercial truck can also suffer similarly severe, life-changing injuries.

The advantage motorcycle attorneys have when representing clients with those types of injuries is their broad experience helping previous clients who have had those types of severe injuries. Motorcycle personal injury attorneys understand the medical terminology, already know expert witnesses and have the background and experience necessary to analyze those injuries.

Familiarity with these types of injuries, combined with help from your doctors and other medical experts, can help a lawyer develop an accurate estimate for what those injuries may cost.

In the immediate aftermath of an accident it’s often not clear that the injured person will need round-the-clock assistance, years of rehabilitation, corrective surgeries or the need for expensive mobility aids and home modifications.

The insurance company would prefer to settle before the injured party knows just how much compensation they will need to get back to normal. A skilled car accident attorney can fight to prevent that from happening.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a car or truck accident in the Newport News area, a free consultation with the attorneys at the Motorcycle Law Group is just a phone call away.

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