Best Motocross Tracks In VA

Best Motocross Tracks in VA

Motorsport’s popularity is growing worldwide. One reason for this is that it provides a safer arena for those who want to ride motorbikes, but are too nervous about potential accidents that street riding can lead to.

One sport that is trending is motocross. Motocross has been a popular sport in Virginia for a while and the amount of people joining in just continues to grow! Motocross tracks in VA are multiplying, so we put together a list of some of the most popular VA motocross tracks to help those who are interested in getting involved.

What is Motocross?

What exactly is Motocross? Motocross is a motorcycle race that takes place on determined tracks made of mud, gravel, or grass. It is also referred to as off-road motorcycle racing. These races require a large amount of skill as many tracks having break-taking speed curves, adrenaline-boosting jumps, and sandy roosts that riders need to be aware of.

This sport has gained traction worldwide to the point that many countries have developed their own set of motocross techniques, tricks, and rules. There are even regional and global competitions, such as the AMA Motocross Championship, that take place and attract riders from all over the world.

Where to Ride Dirt Bikes in Virginia

There are a number of motocross tracks in Virginia. Each has their own quirks that make every ride a unique, enjoyable experience. Below you can find a list of some of our favorite tracks.

Slades Park

Slades Park, also known as Slade’s, is a favorite of motocross beginners and intermediates. This off-road park contains a large area that beginners to play around in, while also offering both sandy and wooded trails that provide a fun challenge. Slades Park allows motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs. Just be sure to bring a motocross helmet as these are required!

If you are a camping fan, then you’re in luck! This park also provides camping opportunities and has amenities, such as toilets. During the week, there is a concession stand as well. However, one thing to note is that pets are prohibited!

This park is open from 9 AM till sunset.

Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap

Another well-known area of the George Washington National Forest actually contains two trails that are perfect for riders looking for an enjoyable outdoor experience. The trail that goes north is known as Peters Mill Run, while the trail going south is known as Taskers Gap.

Peters Mill Run is a 12-mile linear trail that has occasional rocky areas and is dotted with side spurs and creek crossings. This is a popular choice for riders who want a fun ride with a slight challenge.

Taskers Gap, on the other hand, contains much more variety. It has multiple marked loops that riders can choose from. Each loop has a different terrain that provides either an easier or more difficult ride. Many riders relish the variety and ability to choose what they want to ride depending on their mood.

One aspect riders must be aware of before coming here is that a permit is necessary to ride here. This needs to be obtained prior to arriving at the park since there is no self-service here.

This park allows motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs. Motocross helmets are required. It also contains campgrounds with picnic tables, fire rings, and tent pads.

Big Boys Playground

Get ready to play with the big boys if you decide to head on down to the Big Boys Playground.

This year-round park provides great off-road opportunities for both motocross riders and ATV fans. Among what this park contains is a number of dirt bike trails, a drag strip, rock garden areas, and a motocross track. These are great for novice to amateur riders, and even experts can enjoy them.

Be sure to call this park before going as they prefer calls in advance when you intend to visit. Also, they require motocross helmets, so don’t forget that!

Rivers Edge Outdoors

This large outdoor park also offers plenty of off-road riding opportunities. It features a massive 250 acres of trails, a free-to-use meadow that is great for novice riders, and a motocross track. All the trails provide markings for direction and difficult ratings to provide expectations to riders.

The park is open daily unless inclement weather prevents safe riding. One thing to note for this park is that ATVs are not permitted; only motorcycles and dirt bikes are okay.

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